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The Real Benefit of a Safe From K2 Spas & Sports

Up to a two-inch thick wall and one-and-one-quarter inch composite door. A minimum 1200 degree fire certification. Triple relocker security. That’s great, but the most important feature you get with a safe from K2 Spas & Sports can’t be measured in degrees or inches. It’s peace of mind. It’s knowing your valuables are safe. Your family heirlooms are protected. Your guns are secure from burglars and inquisitive children. K2 Spas & Sports offers peace of mind with every purchase.

Strong Enough to Protect Even Your Memories

In case of a fire or burglary, your home-owners insurance can’t replace your family vacation photos. Or the home movie of your daughter’s first birthday. Or your 1922 vintage firearm. Or your old high school letterman jacket. It can’t replace the things you’d miss the most if they were gone, the things of true value.

Maximum Fire Protection

Part of that peace of mind is knowing in case of fire, your valuables will survive. All products are rated for comparison. If it’s sold by K2 Spas & Sports, you can sleep well knowing you’re getting the fire protection you need.

Good Luck, Burglers

Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) certified for security.  It means the people at U.L. have drilled, hammered, punched, pried and chiseled our safes prior to certification. And because U.L. has been testing products since 1921, that’s pretty good assurance that a burglar won’t have much luck getting into your safe. That means your guns are safe from children and burglars. Your valuables, too. Now that’s peace of mind.