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Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick has been bringing families and friends together for over six generations

For over 165 years Brunswick Billiard tables have hosed presidents and world leaders, captains of industry, sports heroes, entertainment celebrities and most important, families of every size, stature, and geographic location. The secret to this wonderful success story is that the Brunswick brand has always been true to its heritage, love of the game and desire to excel through innovation, service and above all, quality.

Today you can enjoy the same world-class Brunswick Billiard tables that your father, grandfather and great-grandfather enjoyed. By investing in a Brunswick table, you not only own the best playing pool table in the world, you’re creating memories to last a lifetime.

Brunswick offers two lines of pool tables; Authentic Brunswick and Brunswick Contender Series. .

The Contender Series is a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Eight models offer styles for all decor, including black laminated bar-style, beautiful stately straight-lines to the classic curvey ball-in-claw options. Many are available in 7 foot sizes for the smaller room. 

The Authentic Brunswick tables offer beautiful heritage and craftsmanship.  Whether the style is elegant, exquisite, traditional or contemporary it’s quality is second to none.  Solid wood, Mother-of-pearl rail sights, genuine leather pockets; premium materials to last for generations.