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What makes Hudson Shuffleboards the Best Table on the Market??

Finger-jointed boards.  This is far superior than butt-joints.

Only planks on the market reinforced with maple inlays on the botttom, particularly at the locations of each climatic adjuster.

A True 90 degree edge (not beveled) along the rails.  This allows weights to “hang” off the rail as oppsed to falling.

Epoxy has UV additive which prevents it from “yellowing” over time.

We are the only monufacturer in the world that pours the finish with the climatic adjusters attached to the plank – this allows boards to be leveled lengthwise and side-to-side.  This ensures a perfect pour and playing surface.  Once the table is poured, the climatic adjusters are then gauged down to the .001″ and shipped ready to play out of the crate.